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Barlow, Alex und Hill, Marji: Art of Arnhem Land, McMillan, South Melbourne 1997, ISBN 0732935784

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Table of Contents

Ancient Rock Art -4-

The History of Rock Art -8-

Mimi -13-

X-ray Style -18-

Bark Painting -20-

Art Styles -23-

Wandjuk Marika -31-

Narritjin Maymuru -32-

Bark Painting Techniques -33-

Pigments for Painting -38-

Women Artists -41-

Other Styles -42-

Glossary -46-

Bibliography -47-

Index -48-

Cover Text

Aboriginal art is the oldes artistic tradition known to humans, yet most Australians know little about it. The series Aboriginal Art introduces upper primary students to contemporary and historic Aboriginal art and cultures. It explores the different styles in Aboriginal art, as well as their histories and cultural contexts. Students are introduced to some of the stories hidden within the traditional designs in order to help them gain an understanding of the importance of Aboriginal art to the artists, their communities and cultures. Full colour photographs provide rare snapshots of artists at work and offer a rich gallery of their art works. The detailed maps, glossary and bibliography in each book provide students with a supportive framework in which to study this fascinating tradition of art. Written by authors with an in-depth knowledge of Aboriginal culture and art, the Aboriginal Art series brings readers an enriched understanding of Australia's ancient artistic traditions.