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Beier, Ulli: Quandamooka. The Art of Kath Walker, Bathurst 1985, ISBN 0949267120

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Kath Walker was born on Stradbroke Island in 1920. She grew up on the shores of Mornington Bay, known to her people as Quandamooka. The happiest times of her childhood were spent in the shallow waters of the bay, observing the colourful life of the marine creatures. Kath Walker is self-educated, because she had to leave school at fifteen, to get a job. Her involvement in the civil rights movement prompted her to write poetry, because she wanted to give the Aboriginal people a voice. Her first volume of poems, 'We Are Going', published in 1964, was an immediate bestseller. Kath Walker is widely known as a writer and civil rights activist, but her painting has remained a very private activity until now. In 1970 Kath Walker returned to her tribal land on Stradbroke Island, where she conducts camps for children, who come from all over Australia, to learn about the Aboriginal way of life.