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Berndt, Ronald M. und Tonkinson, R. (Hg.): Social Anthropology and Australian Aboriginal Studies. A contemporary overview, Aboriginal Studies Press, Canberra 1988, ISBN 0855751894

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Table of Contents

Contributors -vii-


Ronald M. Berndt and Robert Tonkinson: A contemporary overview -1-


Francesca Merlan: Gender in Aboriginal social life: A review -15-


Ian Keen: Twenty-five years of Aboriginal kinship studies -77-


Christopher Anderson: Anthropology and Australian Aboriginal economy 1961-1986 -125-


Nancy M. Williams: Studies in Australian Aboriginal law 1961-1986 -189-


Howard Morphy: The resurrection of the Hydra: Twenty-five years of research of Aboriginal religion -239-


John A Barnes: Talking stock and looking forward -267-

Cover Text

This volume summarises major developments in the social anthropology of Aboriginal studies during the past twenty-five years. It is commended, not only for its value as an overview of five important and closely interrelated topics (economy, kinship, gender, religion and law), but also because it contains a great deal of stimulating comment and criticism and raises important issues for future research as well as current debate in Aboriginal studies. The independent assessments of the contributors exhibit a surprising degree of unanimity as to the most productive direction for future studies, and in so doing they provide many stimulating and exciting suggestions. In recent years, both scholarly and lay interest in Aboriginal studies has expanded remarkably, and there has been a heightened Aboriginal interest in and awareness of how their societies, past and present, are being depicted in scholarly writings.