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Bird, Carmel (Hg.): The stolen children. Their stories, Random House, Sydney 1998, ISBN 0091836891

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Table of Contents


Sir Ronald Wilson: Preface


Stories -17-

Paul -19-

Millicent -27-

Eric -33-

Evie -37-

Penny and Murray -42-

Murray's Journal -48-

Greg -52-

John -56-

Carol -59-

Tony -67-

Karen -72-

Lance -75-

Peggy -79-

William -85-

Anne -88-

Fiona -94-

Donna -98-

Voices -108-

Perspectives -117-

John Howard -119-

Kim Beazley -122-

Rosemary Crowley -126-

Lang Dean -128-

Marilyn Lake -130-

John Herron -134-

Robert Manne -136-

Jack Waterford -143-

Bob Brown -147-

Graeme Campbell -149-

Robert Sercombe -151-

Martin Flanagan -152-

Veronica Brady -157-

The Recommendations of the Report -159-

Henry Reynolds: Afterword 183-

Postscript -187-

Cover Text

These stories rise out of the pain of separation and displacement. Showing hope and forgiveness, the writers give an insight into strength of the human sprit. 'The Stolen Children - Their Stories' is an acknowledgement of the human tragedy created during a misunderstood and shameful part of Australia's history. 'The Stolen Children - Their Stories' includes a collection of documents and personal stories of Indigenous people that appear in the Report from the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, 'Bringing Them Home'. Also in this collection are the reactions to the Report by political and community leaders. Contributing writers include Hon. Kim Beazley MP, Veronica Brady, Martin Flanagan, Robert Manne, Henry Reynolds, Sir Ronald Wilson, and Jack Waterford. This collection of stories and perspectives is redemptive. It is a step toward healing the suffering of the stolen generations and it urgently demonstrates the importance of every Australian of national compassion and a true spirit of reconciliation. Part of the royalties for this book will go to the Indigenous people whose stories are published here.