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Bourke, Colin, Bourke, Eleanor und Edwards, Bill (Hg.): Aboriginal Australia, University of Queensland Press, St Lucia 1994, ISBN 0702230510

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Table of Contents

Preface to Second Edition -vii-

About the Authors -ix-

Introduction -xv-

Eleanor Bourke: Images and Realities -1-

Steve Hemming: Changing History: New Images of Aboriginal History -16-

Eleanor Bourke: Australia's First Peoples: Identity and Population -38-

Colin Bourke and Helen Cox: Two Laws: One Land -56-

Bill Edwards: Living the Dreaming -77-

Colin Bourke and Bill Edwards: Family and Kinship -100-

Rob Amery and Colin Bourke: Australian Languages: Our Heritage -122-

Olga Gostin and Alwin Chong: Living Wisdom: Aborigines and the Environment -147-

Howard Groome: Education: The Search for Relevance -168-

Jenny Burden: Health: An Holistic Approach -189-

Colin Bourke: Economics: Independence or Welfare -219-

Franchesca Alberts and Christopher Anderson: Art: Interpreting Reality -245-

David Roberts: Self-determination and the Struggle for Aboriginal Equality -259-

Index -289-

Cover Text

'Aboriginal Australia' presents selected themes that relate to Indigenous Australians against a background of traditional, colonial and contemporary experiences. Particular facets of the lives of Aboriginal Australians are revealed through an examination of their struggle to maintain a strong identity and heritage while actively participating in Australian society. Reflected throughout the work is how this process enriches the Australian community as a whole. This new, fully revised and corrected edition gives an up-to-date account of recent events of significance for the Indigenous people of Australia. It takes account of Mabo, the momentous Native Title decision of the High Court to overturn the concept of terra nullius and recognise pre-colonial occupation of Australia, including property rights. It also discusses the Wik decision of the High Court, which found that the granting of pastoral leases did not necessarily extinguish native title rights; the Report of the National Inquiry on the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from Their Families; the movement towards Reconciliation between Aborigines and other Australians; the rise of conservative movements in reaction to these developments, and the growing concern about continued racism in Australian society.