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Butler, Sally: Our Way: Contemporary Aboriginal Art from Lockhart River, University of Queensland Press, 2008, ISBN 9780702236341

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Table of Contents

Foreword -ix-

Preface -xiii-

Sandbeach Photoessay -xiv-

Introduction -xxii-

Chapter 1: Sandbeach Country -2-

Yarning abouht ‘Our Way’

Sandbeach Place

Sandbeach People

Chapter 2: The Art Gang -44-

Art, Education, Employment

Fine Art Printmaking

Lockhart River Art and Cultural Centre and the Alternative Secondary Program

Chapter 3: Painting Solo -88-

Rosella Namok

Samantha Hobson

Fiona Omeenyo

Adrian King

Silas Hobson

Notes -124-

Bibliography -126-

Appencixes -127-

I: List of illustrations

II: Exhibition history of solo artists

III: Original members of the Lockhart River Art Gang

Acknowledgements -136-

Cover Text

Our Way: Contemporary Aboriginal Art from Lockhart River introduces the unique art of a group of young Aboriginal artists from far north Queensland’s Lockhart River community. Lockhart River is Australia’s only remote youth-driven Aboriginal art initiative, and the rise to national and international recognition of a number of these artists is a remarkable chapter in Australia’s art history. Their art is about ‘Sandbeach’ culture and community and its spectacular wilderness environment in Cape York Peninsula. But it is also a worldly art of the twenty-first century that shows the global scope of Aboriginal cultural expression today. Lockhart River art is always about the community, but each artist approaches this communal identity in distinctive and innovative ways. Their art is a beguiling insight into how individuality and community coexist in the contemporary life of Aboriginal people. Our Way brings all of this extraordinary art together in the one place for the first time.