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Cane, Scott: Pila Nguru. The Spinifex People, Fremantle Arts Centre Press, Fremantle 2002, ISBN 1863683848

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Table of Contents

Introduction -9-

Spiritual Journey -21-

A Place in the Sun -51-

Tjukurrpa -81-

Terra Nullius and Ngura Tjantu -115-

The Past in the Present -157-

Living in Spinifex -203-

Epilogue - A Blue Tarp and a White Parchment -245-

Endnotes -250-

Bibliography -254-


Location of the Spinifex Homelands -6-

The Spinifex Homelands -8-

The Geography of Spinifex Tjukurrpa -84-

The Country of Senior Spinifex People -145-

Cover Text

The People of the Sun and Shadow are the Spinifex People. The duality reflects their association with the land, defines their kinship and is the backbone of their religion. That association with land, law and people continued, cocooned within the spinifex plains of the Western Desert, for hundreds of generations until the Spinifex People were shaken from their nomadic solitude by the atomic shock of Maralinga. It was 1952 and the Spinifex People were about to meet white Australia.