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Crumlin, Rosemary: Images of Religion in Australian Art, Bay Books, Kensington NWS 1988, ISBN 1862562911

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Table of Contents

Acknowledgements -6-

Margaret Manion: Foreword -8-

Introduction -11-

Part I: Images of Religion

Paintings 1940 to 1988 -21-

Part II: Islands of Reflection

Arthur Boyd -144-

Leonard French and The Seven Days -162-

Judith Ryan: Aboriginal Artists -176-

List of Plates -196-

Bibliography -200-

Index -202-

Cover Text

Many major Australian artists have sought inspiration and expression in images from the myths and questions of religion. The years since World War II are especially rich in religious art, even though the society as a whole has been declaring its loss of religious meaning. Sometimes these paintings are an expression of the personal faith of the artist. More often, they represent a turning to the Sciptures of the religious questions of the meaning of life and death as a source of inspiration. The artists and paintings in this collection present, in microcosm, the history of Australian painting over these last few decades. The works reflect the major concerns of the time as well as the prevailing artistic enthusiasms. Images of Religion in Australian Art invites exploration and reflection on religion and its questions, Australian painting and its development, and the work and intentions of individual Australian artists, who share with us the experience of these years.