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Deane, W.: Some Signposts from Daguragu, The Inaugural Vincent Lingiari Memorial Lecture, Commonwealth of Australia, Canberra 1996, ISBN 0642258104

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Table of Contents

Sir William Deane -iii-

Foreword: "From little things big things grow" -v-

Introductory -1-

The Conciliation and Arbitration Commission Proceedings -3-

Vincent Lingiari -6-

Wave Hill -9-

The Strike -10-

A Ceremonial Return -15-

Some Signposts -17-

Signpost (i): Acknowledgment of the Past -19-

Signpost (ii): Recognition of the need for redress -20-

Signpost (iii): Aboriginal right of choice -21-

Signpost (iv): The heart of reconciliation -22-

Signpost (v): Representation -22-

Signpost (vi): Things can remain undone -23-

Signpost (vii): Consensus -23-

Signpost (viii): formal ceremony -28-

Conclusion -28-

Addendum -29-