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Edwards, W.H.: An Introduction to Aboriginal Societies, Social Science Press, Wentworth Falls 1993, ISBN 0949218650

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Table of Contents

Acknowledgements -vi-

Purpose of This Book -vii-

Relating To The Past 1: Australian Prehistory -1-

Relating To The Past 2: The Dreaming -12-

Relating To The Environment: Economic Organization -26-

Relating To Others In Society: Social Organization -42-

Relating To Others Politically: Political Organization -55-

Relating To The Unseen: Aboriginal Religion -65-

Relating By Language and Signs: Communication in Aboriginal Societies -77-

Relating Through Art: Aboriginal Art -90-

Relating To Change: Values and Change in Aboriginal Societies -105-

References -116-

Index -120-

Cover Text

An Introduction to the Study of Traditional Aboriginal Society for senior secondary school and early tertiary level students. It shows that much of the past attitude to Aboriginal culture has been based on misunderstanding and stimulates a sympathetic understanding of the values and structures of the culture.