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Field, Jennifer Jo: Written in the Land - The Life of Queenie McKenzie, Melbourne Books, Melbourne 2008, ISBN 9781877096709

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Table of Contents

Foreword -6-

Growin‘ up -16-

Texas Downs -48-

Resettlement -96-

Dayiwul – Argyle Mine Site -122-

Artist -152-

Epilogue -188-

Glossary -190-

List of Works -192-

Cover Text

As people we experience the land as we do life, through the lens of our conditioning and beliefs. There is a remarkable difference in the beliefs and conditioning of indigenous and non-indigenous people. Each group has and believes in a system of law based on their cultural upbringing. The land they inhabit provides a venue for the expression of those beliefs and their unique law, a living system of governance. The difference is, one group believes that their system came from and is contained in the land they inhabit, and the other group sees it in another light. This is the story of an extraordinary woman who embodied both of those cultures, though her beliefs and training were rooted in her indigenous heritage. Is it possible to understand and embrace the ideals of each for the well-being of both, and jointly inhabit the land?