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Hughes, Robert: The Art of Australia, Ringwood 1970, ISBN 0140209352

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Table of Contents

Acknowledgements -9-

List of Illustrations -11-

Preface to the Second Edition -19-

Introduction -21-

The Colony 1788-1885 -27-

The Heidelberg School 1885-96 -53-

Landscape, with Various Figures -75-

The Expatriation 1890-1930 -93-

Post-impressionism 1913-38 -113-

The Angry Decade 1937-47 -135-

The Stylists 1939-50 -169-

Figures and Images 1950-62 -197-

Myths and Personae 1947-62 -221-

Abstract Painting 1938-66 -251-

Epilogue -305-

Bibliography -317-

Index -321-

Cover Text

In 'The Art of Australia' Robert Hughes traces the twin threads of the desire for independence in Australian vision and the obsessive influence of European and American models. In his view Australian painting is a phenomenon to be discussed within the total context of contemporary art. Hughes, who has been described as 'the brilliant enfant terrible of Australian art and letters', reappraises many established reputations and suggests channels through which Australian painting may yet emerge as a world force.