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Japanangka, Dick Leichleitner und Nathan, Pam: Settle Down Country. Pmere Arlaltyewele, Kibble Books, 1983, ISBN 0908150059

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Table of Contents

Foreword -vii-

Preface -ix-

Author's Note -xi-

Acknowledgements -xii-

Prologue -1-

Introduction -3-

Settle Down Country -9-

The War of the Central Desert: Part 1 -35-

The War of the Central Desert: Part 2 -66-

Country Camps - Struggle for Survival -97-

The Two Sides of Accountability -154

Conclusion -182-

Appendices -195-

Bibliography -199-

Abbreviations -203-

Index -204-

Cover Text

The movement of the Aboriginal people to reoccupy their ancestral lands, away from the government settlements, is told in this book. The reaction of government authorities to the movement is compared with the needs of the people, as told by Aboriginal people themselves. This book shows how Aborigines were prevailed upon the leave their lands under the policies of assimilation and in the interests of the development of the tourist industry at Ayers Rock and the Woomera rocket range. It asks that white Australians join with Aboriginal people in the fulfilment of their rightful claims.