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Lane, Carly und Cubillo, Franchesca: unDisclosed. 2nd national indigenous art triennial, Ntional Gallery of Australia, Canberra 2012, Ausst. Kat., ISBN 9780642334213

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Table of Contents

Director’s foreword -6-

Sponsor’s message -7-

Carly Lane: First, sight; then, acknowledge building Indigenous visibility through the undisclosed -8-

Tess Allas: Vernon Ah Kee -20-

Glenn Iseger-Pilkington: Tony Albert -26-

Franchesca Cubillo: Bob Burruwal -32-

Keith Munro: Lorraine Connelly-Northey -38-

Bruce McLean: Michael Cook -44-

Carly Lane: Nici Cumpston -50-

Djon Mundine: Fiona Foley -56-

Cara Pinchbeck: Mirdidingkingathi Juwarnda Sally Gabori -62-

Stephen Gilchrist: Gunybi Ganambarr -68-

Carly Lane: Julie Gough -74-

Carly Lane: Lindsay Harris -80-

Tina Baum: Jonathan Jones -86-

Tina Baum: Danie Mellor -92-

Tina Baum: Naata Nungurrayi -98-

Franchesca Cubillo: Maria Josette Orsto -104-

Tina Baum: Christian Thompson -110-

Carly Lane: Alick Tipoti -116-

Franchesca Cubillo: Daniel Walbidi -122-

Kelli Cole: Lena Yarinkura -128-

Franchesca Cubillo: Nyapanyapa Yunupingu -134-

List of works -140-

Artist biographies -143-

Map -154-

Contributors -156-

Acknowledgements -157-

Index -159-

Cover Text

The second National Indigenous Art Triennial, unDisclosed, charts the trajectory of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art in Australia since the first triennial, Culture Warriors, in 2007. In tracing this path, the second triennial explores the work of 20 exemplary Indigenous artists from around Australia. As a series, the National Indigenous Art Triennial places Indigenous contemporary art practice at the front and centre of Australian art. It explores the presence, voice, concerns and celebrations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through the visual arts. Thematically, unDisclosed goes behind the scenes to discover the often invisible framework of motivations and meanings upon which artists’ ideas, narratives and works of art rest. It is a celebration and examination of the importance of an Indigenous voice in framing an Australian identity and serves as a platform for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists determined to present their individual and shared persepctives.