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Museum of Contemporary Art (Hg.): blakatak. Program of Thought, Event 1-4, Sydney 2005

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Table of Contents

Elizabeth Ann Macgregor: Director’s Foreward -7-

Natalie King: Episodes: ‘a laugh and a tear in every photo’ -18-

Brenda L. Croft: A date with Destiny -50-

Lisa Reihana: Destiny’s children -55-

Djon Mundine: Of Like Political Mind -56-

Marcia Langton: The valley of the dolls: Black Humour in the art of Destiny Deacon -70-

Richard Bell: Dolled Up -103-

Hetti Perkins: Dollywood: Destiny Deacon’s dollies -105-

Interview with Virginia Fraser: Not much of a soul to bare -108-

List of works -126-

Biographies -128-