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National Gallery of Australia (Hg.): Islands in the Sun. Prints by indigenous artists of Australia and the Australasian region, Canberra 2001, Ausst. Kat., ISBN 0642541418

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Table of Contents

Brian Kenney, Alice-Anne Boylan: Forewords -4-

Roger Butler: Introduction -6-

Roger Butler: Printmaking by Aboriginal Artists -8-

Prints from the Tiwi Islands -13-

Prints by Aboriginal artists from Arnhem Land -25-

Brian Robinson: Motif Etching: The history if Ilan printing -29-

Prints from the Torres Strait Island -36-

Melanie Eastburn: Printmaking in Papua New Guinea -51-

Prints from Papua New Guinea -58-

Nicholas Thomas: A Pacific Accent: Polynesian printmakers in Aotearoa New Zealand -71-

Prints by Maori artists -75-

Prints by Pacific Islander artists -79-

Nigel Lendon: Unfamiliar Territory: An art of constant translation -90-

The cross-cultural experience -98-

Biographical notes -106-

List of artists and works in the exhibition -110-

Further reading -115-