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Perkins, Hetti und Jones, Jonathan (Hg.): Half Light Portraits from Black Australia, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney 2008, Ausst. Kat., ISBN 9781741740332

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Table of Contents

Edmung Capon: Foreword -6-

Jonathan Jones: Half light: portraits from Black Australia -9-

Vernon Ah Kee -20-

Tony Albert -28-

Brook Andrew -34-

Richard Bell -40-

Mervyn Bishop -48-

Brenda L. Croft -56-

Destiny Deacon -64-

Genevieve Grieves -76-

Dianne Jones -82-

Ricky Maynard -90-

Peter Yanada McKenzie -98-

Rea -104-

Michael Riley -110-

Darren Siwes -120-

Christian Bumbarra Thompson -124-

List of works -133-

Further reading -137-

Index -138-

Cover Text

Over the past two decades, photography by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists has emerged as an extraordinarily vibrant and definitive expression of contemporary Indigenous life in Australia. With a critical eye on the history of photographic representations of Indigenous people - a history that has largely cast them in roles such as 'noble savage' and 'dying race' or through photojournalism as 'trouble-makers' - these artists represent themselves, family and friends within an Indigenous frame. Whether documentary or satirical, celebratory or commemorative, their photographs provide deeply honest and personal insights into Indigenous experience in 21st-century Australia. "Half light" brings together the work of 15 of Australia's most renowned Indigenous artists, all working with portraiture and all also successful in establishing reputations internationally. This important publication showcases their mastery of the photographic medium and reveals their own stories, both in their own words and through their art; stories that help complete the picture of our world.