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Queensland Art Gallery (Hg.): Nurreegoo: The Art and Life of Ron Hurley 1946-2002, Brisbane 2009, Ausst. Kat., ISBN 9781921503061

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Table of Contents

Tony Ellwood: Dirctor's foreword -5-

Bruce McLean: Ron Hurley: Tell the message -6-

Mike Colman: The Eddie Gilbert Story -16-

Bruce McLean: Interview with Matt Tobin, Urban Art Projects -20-

Bruce McLean: The 'pH Factor': Interview with Warren Palmer -24-

Michael Bryce: Behind the design -28-

Plates -30-

Angelina Hurley: Family history -56-

Angelina Hurley: Chronology -58-

Selected exhibition history -70-

Selected bibliography -72-

Catalogue of works -73-

Acknowledgments -76-