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Ryan, Judith: Raiki Wara. Long Cloth from Aboriginal Australia and the Torres Strait, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne 1998, Ausst. Kat., ISBN 0724102035

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Table of Contents

Sponsor's Message -6-

Director's Foreword -7-

Acknowledgements -8-

Map -9-

Judith Ryan: A history of painted and printed textiles in Aboriginal Australia -10-

James Bennett: Screeprinting as indigenous textile art -26-

Winifred Hilliard: The story of Ernabella Arts -32-

Jenny Green: Singing the silk: Utopia Batik -38-

Julia Murray: Utopia Batik: the halcyon days 1978-82 -50-

Robyn Healy: Hanging Raiki Wara: Articulating the cloth -56-

Catalogue -62-

Colour plates -70-

Select bibliography -130-

Jenny Green: Appendix: Spelling and pronunciation of Aboriginal skin names -132-