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Ryan, Judith et al.: Across the Desert: Aboriginal Batik from Central Australia. National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne 2008, Ausst. Kat., ISBN 9780724102990

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Table of Contents

Director’s Foreword -8-

Sponsor’s Message -9-

Acknowledgements -12-

Map -13-

Judith Ryan: Prelude to canvas: Batik cadenzas wax lyrical -14-

Colour plates -24-

Hilary Furlong: Tjungu nintiringanyi munu kunpu kanyini Ernabella-la: learning together and staying strong at Ernabella -104-

Diana James: Batik lines flow over sand dune country: Kaltjiti Arts -112-

Julia Murray: Drawn together: The Utopia batik phenomenon -116-

Felicity Wright: Warlpiri sensibility and grace: Yuendumu batik -122-

Marina Strocchi: Before painting: The Kintore batiks -128-

Katie Somerville: Bush Couture - Bringing the bush to town -136-

Linda Jackson: Footprints in the red dirt: Reflections -142-

Biographies and Checklist -146-

Chronology -165-