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Wedge, Harry J.: HJ Wedge - Wiradjuri Spirit Man, Craftsman House, Roseville East 1996, ISBN 9766410194

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Table of Contents

Brenda L Croft: Introduction -9-

Judith Ryan: Essay -21-

HJ Wedge: My Life in My Words -29-

Paintings and Stories -43-

Rainbow Serpent -44-

Captain Cook Con Man -46-

Massacre -48-

Looking Through a Child's Eye -50-

Cultivation -58-

Brainwash -60-

Debating the Republic -62-

The White Manager -64-

Alcohol Abuse -66-

J* ack -68-

Uptown Nigger -70-

Reading Fortunes -72-

Singing the Gospel -78-

Adam and Eve Getting Evicted -80-

Not Accepting the Bible -82-

Suicide -84-

No Respect -86-

Price -88-

One Barred, All Barred -90-

AIDS -92-

Stop and Think -94-

Native Animals Got No Rights -98-

Smog -100-

Works Illustrated -104-

Glossary -106-

Acknowledgments -107

Cover Text

HJ Wedge of the Wiradjuri nation was born on Erambie Mission, Cowra, in New South Wales. Although he worked occasionally as a drover and seasonal fruit-picker, he felt he would never amount to much in life or enjoy any real sense of achievement. But something was to change all that. An interest in photography and a chance meeting with a cousin who was studying photography at the Eora Centre for Visual and Performing Arts (TAFE), Redfern, led HJ to Sydney and to his subsequent enrolment at the Eora Centre. Through the Eora Centre curriculum Harry discovered painting - a medium conductive to his creative needs. Today HJ Wedge is one of Australia's most popular contemporary Aboriginal artists. He exhibits regularly in Australia and overseas, and his work is held in state and national public collections. Through his engaging stories and vivid paintings HJ presents a unique insight into the realities and imaginings of contemporary Aboriginal life. Engaging a wide range of subjects from the environment to the royal family, alcohol abuse to popular television shows, HJ's stories are often amusing, sometimes confronting, and always direct. This book represents an important contribution to the literature of contemporary Aboriginal culture, particularly to that by Aboriginal people about their own art. At once entertaining and informative, 'HJ Wedge: Wiradjuri Spirit Man' is an invaluable resource for all those interested in Aboriginal art and culture.