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Wiradjuri, Janaka (Hg.): Life, Love and Pain. An anthology of poems written by Stolen Generations Link up (NSW), Lawson 2007

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Table of Contents

Foreword -v-

Paul Keating: The srating point... -vi-

The poets -vii-

Barbara Nicholson: The Joy I Knew -xi-

Marie Melito-Russell: My Joy -1-

Barbara Nicholson: No Way to Raise a Child for W.F. -2-

Marie-Meliot-Russell: Where are my Children? -4-

Elaine P. Lomes: When Will They Bring My Tommy Back Home? -6-

Janaka Wiradjuri: I seem, sometimes... -8-

Janaka Wiradjuri: If Only -9-

Janaka Wiradjuri: I wonder... -10-

Lorraine Mc-Gee-Sippel: What’s My Real Name? -13-

Ann-Marie Melito-Russell: Yesterday -16-

Janaka Wiradjuri: A Cup of Milk -17-

Janaka Wiradjuri: When I Was Yuong -18-

Marie Melito-Russell: Voices -19-

Pauline L. McLeod: Never More -20-

Marie Melito-Russell: Despair -22-

Lorraine McGee-Sippel: Nan’s County -23-

Janaka Wiradjuri: Jamine Tea -24-

Marie Melito-Russell: The Lost and Rejected -26-

Janaka Wiradjuri: Love Poem -27-

Janaka Wiradjuri: Beethoven -28-

Janaka Wiradjuri: Yesterday... -29-

Uncle Bob King (Leslie): The Long Way Back -30-

Charles Leon: Charles Larry Leon -34-

Kirra-Lee Fitzgerald: When I See You I ... -36-

Adam Gerrard: The Seed that Never Was -37-

Diane Jerrett: Me -38-

P.E. Flory McLeod: The Search Begins -39-

Lorraine Peters: The Seed of Life -40-

Megan Gerrard: The Seed of Life! -41-

Janaka Wiradjuri: Time -42-

Janaka Wiradjuri: My arms reached... -43-

Pauline McLeod: The Choice! -44-

Pauline McLeod: My childhood... -45-

Pauline McLeod: Verses -46-

Pauline McLeod: Betrayed! -50-

Pauline McLeod: The Hunter -52-

Pauline McLeod: Fight! -53-

Pauline McLeod: You Were Wrong! -54-

Pauline McLeod: The Reflection -57-

Pauline McLeod: One Too Many! -59-

Pauline McLeod: I Wish to Explain -61-

Pauline McLeod: My Sister! -66-

Pauline McLeod: Auntie! -68-

Pauline McLeod: Oh No!!! -69-

Pauline McLeod: Extracts from ‘The Yearning of My Soul’ -70-

Ryan Sadlier: My father was a fighter man... -71-

Ryan Sadlier: I hurt inside... -72-

Ryan Sadlier: Sitting here, all past in mood... -73-

Ryan Sadlier: Come see my anger... -74

Elyssa Allard: At the age of... -75-

Pauline McLeod: The Fortunate One -76-

Nancy Hill-Wood: Cootamundra -78-

Pauline McLeod: A Life Time -80-

Troy Maltby: The land is far away… 81-

Janaka Wiradjuri: We Will Turn -84-