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Gilbert, Kevin: Inside Black Australia. An Anthology of Aboriginal Poetry, Penguin Books, Ringwood 1988, ISBN 0140111263

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Table of Contents

Kevin Gilbert: Introduction -xv-

W. Les Russell -1-

Lajamanu Poets -8-

Pansy Rose Napaljarri -9-

Rhonda Samuel Napurrurla -13-

Irene James Napurrurla -15-

Valerie Patterson Napanangka -17-

Julie Watson Nungarrayi -19-

Jennie Hargraves Nampijinpa -21-

Eva Johnson -23-

Mary Duroux -27-

Ernie Dingo -29-

Bobbi Sykes -31-

Mudrooroo Narogin (Colin Johnson) -40-

Maureen Watson -47-

Jack Davis -53-

Hyllus Maris -59-

Daisy Utemorrah -61-

Vicki Davey -63-

Archie Weller -64-

Charmaine Papertalk-Green -73-

Laury Wells -78-

Rex Marshall -84-

Pam Tjanara-Williams -87-

Frank Doolan -90-

Oodgeroo Noonuccal (Kath Walker) -94-

Jim Everett, Mawbana Pleregannana -102-

Iris Clayton -107-

Debby Barben -112-

Dyan Newson -116-

Stephen Clayton -119-

Robert Walker -124-

Grandfather Koori -134-

Graham Brady -138-

Luke Roma -141-

Steve Barney -142-

Joy Williams -144-

Gerry Bostock -149-

Selwyn Hughes -153-

Lionel Fogarty -156-

Errol West -165-

Jim Carlson -176-

Beryl Philp-Carmichael, Yungha-Dhu -178-

Elizabeth Brown -182-

Kevin Gilbert -185

Index of first lines -203-

Author index -209-

Acknowledgements -210-

Cover Text

From the campfires and ‘reserves’ of the desert, from riverbanks and prison cells, from universities and urban ghettoes come the inside voices of Australia. These are tough poems that resist the silence of genocide and the destruction of culture. The collection is an angry call for justice and the restoration of the land and the Dreaming. The Aboriginal lives glimpsed give white Australians a hint of the deep possibilities of belonging in this land. Forty voices are heard in this first anthology of Aboriginal poetry.