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Perkins, Charles: A Bastard Like Me, Ure Smith Sydney, Dee Why West 1975, ISBN 0725402504

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... suntanned superstar ... nothing but a troublemaker ... does more harm than good to his cause ... has a chip on his shoulder ... radical ... stirrer ... only a halfcaste anyway ... what does he know about the real Aborigines? ... isn’t even grateful for what’s done for him ... STIRRER! ... OR ... opponent of racial prejudices ... first Aboriginal to graduate from university ... top soccer player ... one of the best known but least understood public figures in Australia today ... Just about everyone in Australia knows who Charles Perkins is. And just about everyone has an attitude to him. Many are influenced by necessarily brief glimpses of his life, his opinions, his stance on particular issues. But whether you're sympathetic to him and his cause or not, he remains a significant and controversial figure, more complex than is generally recognized. His story is complex too: urgent and compelling, warm and humorous, angry and bitter, thoughtful and serious. It's worth reading before you make a final judgement about the man. It's worth reading for a real understanding of the problems of the Aboriginal people - the first Australians.